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Graph representing the projected number of malnourished children in free world developing countries from 1966-1975; page 19 of the February 10, 1966 Food for Freedom booklet

Group of charts with graphical representations of U.S. food exports as measured by volume and cost. The graphs also compare U.S. exports to other countries and show the impact on the U.S. dollar.

This article raises many questions and contentions with the United States' foreign aid and Food for Peace programs. It argues that these programs are not producing the intended results and require major revision to bring about change in the countries…

Newspaper article and political cartoon from The San Diego Union; Article is titled "U.S. Stockpile Dangerously Low, Wheat Weighs in Diplomacy"; Cartoon is titled "A Fire Has Been Brought to My Attention"

A newspaper clipping recounting Arkansas Senator J. William Fulbright's rebuke of New York Representative John V. Lindsay's statement that

A press release from "CARE," announcing the 3,000-plus Indiana college and university students preparing for a state-wide campaign to raise funds for South Vietnamese school children. Called "Indiana Students who CARE," the group's honorary chairman…

Arkansas Gazette newspaper clipping describing Arkansas Senator J. William Fullbright's efforts to exempt the state from the Voting Rights Bill of 1965.

The American Committee on Immigration Policies pamphlet warned against repeal of the national origins quota, supported restriction and regulation of immigration to the United States, and urged constituents to contact their senators and…

"Pickle's Washington Report" chronicles Texas Congressman Jake Pickle's backing of the Voting Rights Act. His support was tempered by his belief that the poll tax issue should be decided by the states rather than the federal government.

Arkansas gazette newspaper clipping describing the 1965 passage by the United States House of Representatives of a voting rights bill. The House bill differed from the previously-passed Senate bill in that it did not exempt Arkansas.
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