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  • Collection: Dole Archives, Robert J. Dole Institute of Politics

The press release indicates that the purpose of the Congressional Delegation to India is to take a first-hand look at some of the accomplishments and problems of the Indian economy, with special focus on agriculture and food production. The release…

This group of papers includes briefing material on Indian self-help measures in agricultural development; current Indian agricultural situation including the latest crop production outlook; third country food and food-connected aid to India; Bihar-UP…

The itinerary notes the major events of the Congressional Delegation trip to India from December 16 to December 21. Some of the key meetings and events include a tour of the drought area in Gaya, visiting the port area of Madras, several meetings…

This article raises many questions and contentions with the United States' foreign aid and Food for Peace programs. It argues that these programs are not producing the intended results and require major revision to bring about change in the countries…

In this letter, Congressmen W. R. Poage and Robert J. Dole and Senator Jack Miller describe their trip to India and urge the Secretary of Agriculture to consider a donation of 1.8 million tons of grain to India. They argue that the donation should be…

Congressman Robert J. Dole presents his observations from the congressional trip to India. He emphasizes the need to organize and coordinate agriculture assistance through other countries, but he also states that progress in India has been made…

Group of charts with graphical representations of U.S. food exports as measured by volume and cost. The graphs also compare U.S. exports to other countries and show the impact on the U.S. dollar.

The Congressional Delegation sits inside a tent wearing garlands

Congressman Robert J. Dole at Tiruchi Airport wearing a garland of roses presented to him by local farmers who came to the airport to meet him and his colleagues.

Senator Miller, Congressman Poage and Congressman Dole enjoy a drink of fresh coconut milk during a meeting with rice farmers in Tanore District, Madras State. The Congressmen are wearing garlands of roses presented to them by local farmers.
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