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  • Collection: Dole Archives, Robert J. Dole Institute of Politics

This group of papers includes briefing material on Indian self-help measures in agricultural development; current Indian agricultural situation including the latest crop production outlook; third country food and food-connected aid to India; Bihar-UP…

Group of charts with graphical representations of U.S. food exports as measured by volume and cost. The graphs also compare U.S. exports to other countries and show the impact on the U.S. dollar.

This article raises many questions and contentions with the United States' foreign aid and Food for Peace programs. It argues that these programs are not producing the intended results and require major revision to bring about change in the countries…

Congressman Dole talking with Indian Food Minister Subramanium in Bangalore. Dole thanks the Minister for the many kindnesses during the delegation's stay and asks him what he would most like to see America do for India in the next few months. …

Hyde Murray describing touring around villages in Tanjore to see the rice production. He tells about the hospitality shown in each village and how in one village, a band of four or five "long-stemmed horns playing high melodious tunes" greeted the…

Hyde Murray interviewing Congressman Dole while traveling on an airplane. Murray describes the delegation's meeting with local leaders and farmers and tells how Dole asked the Indians what was the most important thing America was doing for them.…

Hyde Murray interviewing Congressman Dole about his impressions of a fair the Congressional delegation visited in Madras. Dole shares his impressions of the exhibits on family planning and local handicrafts and says that it is equal to most state…

An unidentified man reads a draft of a letter to President Lyndon B. Johnson from the Congressional Delegation describing what they have seen and experienced in India and making recommendations for aid to the country moving forward.

Correspondence between Congressman Donald Rumsfeld and Bob Dole regarding a letter Dole received from a Kansas publisher about a Rumsfeld speech.

These letters primarily confirm Congressmen William R. Poage and Robert J. Dole's participation in the Congressional Delegation to India. The letters thank the Congressmen for their willingness to travel to India and observe the Food for Peace…
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