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Out of concern for President Johnson's "undeclared war," a resident of Westville, Indiana, calls upon Senator Bayh. The constituent writes, "I am asking you as my elected official to curtail the Executive grab for power and all the senseless…

Excerpt of Fowler West's Travel Diary from his agricultural trip to India in December of 1966

Folder with "Welcome to India" printed on the front

Claude Pepper shaking hands with President Johnson after the signing of the Voting Rights Act as Ralph Abernathy and Martin Luther King, Jr. look on.

While visiting the U.S. Embassy in Saigon, Congressman Harley O. Staggers, Sr. was given a map displaying the areas of conflict in Vietnam as well as an economic map of Southeast Asia. The map also includes a timeline of the conflict, ranging from…

As the U.S. became more involved with the conflict in Vietnam, many constituents, such as this Philadelphia resident, wrote to Senator John J. Williams urging him to employ the aid of the United Nations to mediate the war.

In the House, 32 proposals regarding Presidential succession had been introduced. Hearings were scheduled to begin February 7 before the full House Judiciary Committee, chaired by Emmanuel Celler, on the first day of which Bayh was to appear. In…

In this statement, Representative Harley O. Staggers (D-WV) explains that the purpose of the Truth in Packaging legislation, H.R. 15440, is to reduce confusion at the market place and facilitate easier price comparisons.

Video of trip to India; Scenes include Washington, D.C., a plane engine, the Roosevelt House (American embassy in India), unknown red building, driving through New Delhi, boarding a plane, flying from New Delhi to Gaya, Bahir, aerial shots of Indian…

Video of trip to India; Scenes include landing in Madras, driving through Madras, West handing out candy to Indian children, and scenes from the Madras port where grain and fertilizer are unloaded and women clean water from the ground with brooms;…
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