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As the events of the Selma to Montgomery marches were unfolding, concerned constituents wrote to Senator Williams urging him to vote for passage of the Voting Rights bill and to end the violent actions occurring in Alabama.

In this exchange, a Wilmington resident attending Stanford University expresses his frustrations with the Johnson administration's policy on Vietnam. He reported to Senator Williams the increase of professors and students who were joining protests…

Americans all over the country wrote to Senator Williams, a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, expressing their opinions and frustrations with the John administration's involvement with Vietnam. In his response Senator Williams…

This Fort Lauderdale, Florida resident sent Senator John J. Williams a copy of the poem "I Am the Nation" and a type-written letter expressing their disappointment over the U.S. involvement with the war in Vietnam. "I Am the Nation" was originally…

The Disabled American Veterans organization sent a letter and wall map of Vietnam to Senator John J. Williams.

This Delawarean, along with many other constituents, wrote to Senator Williams urging the United States government to support the Mekong Delta River project to develop infrastructure along the Mekong River in the southwestern region of Vietnam.

Following the attacks on the Selma to Montgomery civil rights marchers, Senator Williams met with a group comprised of church representatives and civil rights workers from Delaware to discuss the Voting Rights bill. Senator Williams stated that he…

In a well-articulated letter, a freshman student at the University of Delaware calls upon Senator Williams to reassess the war in Vietnam and look closely at Johnson's propaganda. In his response, Senator Williams disagrees with the student's…

Senator Williams's "Clean Elections" amendment to the Voting Rights Act sought to criminalize fraudulent voting behavior such as vote buying and falsifying voter or registration information. In 1961, the Women's Division of the Republican National…

In this response letter, Senator Williams acknowledges the constituent's concern over the United States involvement in the Vietnam War. Williams also affirms the United States government's commitment to aiding South Vietnam against the Communist…
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