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  • Collection: Dole Archives, Robert J. Dole Institute of Politics

Correspondence between John H. Colburn and Congressman Bob Dole about the differing House and Senate versions of freedom of information bills. Colburn, Chairman of the Federal Laws Committee of the American Newspapers Publishers Association and…

Correspondence between John H. Colburn and Congressmen John E. Moss and Bob Dole about S. 1160 and Dole's bill, H.R. 12160. Colburn is writing as Chairman of the Federal Laws Committee of the American Newspapers Publishers Association and Editor and…

Correspondence between Congressman Bob Dole and Paul Conrad, a representative of the National Newspaper Association. Conrad writes on behalf of the organization, which represents nearly 7,000 publishers and editors in all 50 states, to thank Dole…

Correspondence between Stanley H. Stauffer and Congressman Bob Dole. Stauffer writes as the General Manager of the Topeka Capital-Journal, in Topeka, Kansas, to express support for the freedom of information legislation.

The itinerary notes the major events of the Congressional Delegation trip to India from December 16 to December 21. Some of the key meetings and events include a tour of the drought area in Gaya, visiting the port area of Madras, several meetings…

In this letter, Congressmen W. R. Poage and Robert J. Dole and Senator Jack Miller describe their trip to India and urge the Secretary of Agriculture to consider a donation of 1.8 million tons of grain to India. They argue that the donation should be…

Letter from Congressman Donald Rumsfeld to Congressman Bob Dole offering excerpts from freedom of information speech he made recently.

Letter from Congressman Bob Dole explaining the differences between his bill and others and enclosing other material, including a January 5, 1966, memo by J. Phillip Carlson compairing S. 1160 with H.R. 5012 and companion bills.

Letter from Congressman William L. Dawson to Congressman John E. Moss, who was Chairman of the Foreign Operations and Government Information Subcommittee of the Committee on Government Operations. This letter outlines the jursidictions of the…

September 1965 memoradum from Congresswoman Florence P. Dwyer on freedom of information. The memo was written by Minority Counsel, J. Philip Carlson.
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