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Members of the U.S. Congressional Delegation touring a typical village in the drought struck areas of Bihar.

The U.S. Congressional Delegation led by Representative William R. Poage of Texas (center with hat) visit a fair price shop in a village just outside the town of Gaya in the drought-stricken Bihar state and see the distribution of American wheat and…

This press release is a statement Congressman Bob Dole made in support of the freedom of information legislation he introduced on Wednesday, January 19th.

This press release was issued in advance of voting on the Freedom of Information Bill, scheduled for June 20, 1966. It explains the bipartisan support the legislation has and rumors that President Lyndon Johnson might veto it.

The press release indicates that the purpose of the Congressional Delegation to India is to take a first-hand look at some of the accomplishments and problems of the Indian economy, with special focus on agriculture and food production. The release…

Congressman Robert J. Dole presents his observations from the congressional trip to India. He emphasizes the need to organize and coordinate agriculture assistance through other countries, but he also states that progress in India has been made…

Draft with edits of Congressman Bob Dole's statement introducing legislation to establish a federal public records law. Original text was written by J. Philip Carlson, who Minority Counsel for the House Committee on Government Operations from…
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