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  • Collection: Dole Archives, Robert J. Dole Institute of Politics

The press release indicates that the purpose of the Congressional Delegation to India is to take a first-hand look at some of the accomplishments and problems of the Indian economy, with special focus on agriculture and food production. The release…

Members of the Congressional Delegation at Purnea Airport where they inspected the Bihar State Armed Constabulary guard of honor.

July 1966 monthly report for the Foreign Operations and Government Information Subcommittee of the House Committee on Government Operations. This report notes on page 7 that on July 4, 1966, the President signed into law (P.L. 89-487) S. 1160, the…

The itinerary notes the major events of the Congressional Delegation trip to India from December 16 to December 21. Some of the key meetings and events include a tour of the drought area in Gaya, visiting the port area of Madras, several meetings…

This group of papers includes briefing material on Indian self-help measures in agricultural development; current Indian agricultural situation including the latest crop production outlook; third country food and food-connected aid to India; Bihar-UP…

An unidentified man reads a draft of a letter to President Lyndon B. Johnson from the Congressional Delegation describing what they have seen and experienced in India and making recommendations for aid to the country moving forward.

Congressman Dole talking with Indian Food Minister Subramanium in Bangalore. Dole thanks the Minister for the many kindnesses during the delegation's stay and asks him what he would most like to see America do for India in the next few months. …
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