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This one-page memo contains the "Official Membership Roster" of the Democratic Steering Committee for the House of Representatives during the 89th Congress. Rep. Ray Madden (D-Indiana) was the Chairman and Rep. Spark Matsunaga (D-Hawaii) was the…

At the start of the 89th Congress, Congressman Harley O. Staggers was provided with this 3-page memo providing a list of 34 legislative proposals that might be addressed in the 89th Congress, based on a "Congressional Quarterly" report of January 1,…

In a November 19, 1965 issue of his weekly column "Byrd's Eye View," Senator Byrd took a strong stance against the practice of self-immolation, which was being practiced by Vietnam War protesters. Senator Byrd declared such acts to be "foreign to our…

Following the passage of the Appalachian Regional Development Act in the House, Senator Robert C. Byrd issued this press release announcing his intent to “expedite action” on the release of the funds needed to support the programs. As a member of…

In a February 4, 1966 edition of his "Byrd's Eye View" column, Senator Byrd discusses the anti-war protests, foreseeing an increase in the opposition as the U.S. prepared to tighten the restrictions on deferments from the draft as hostilities in…

A 5-page document detailing the provisions of the bill, the Senate's actions, and the hearings held in the House Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce.

An edition of The American Legion Magazine's "Washington Pro & Con" section entitled "Do We Need a Federal Auto Safety Law?" Congressman Harley O. Staggers, Chairman of the House Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce argues in favor of the…

Senator Byrd defined the ornithological terminology which the press had adopted in describing how various members of the U.S. Federal Government stood on issues regarding military efforts in Vietnam in a February 18, 1966 issue of "Byrd's Eye View."

On December 3, 1965, Senator Byrd used his weekly "Byrd's Eye View" column to speak to the threat posed to the United States by a communist take-over of Korea and Vietnam as he reflected on the anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. In…

Senator Byrd predicts the major issues that will impact voters during the 1966 elections, including the Vietnam War in his New Year's "Byrd's Eye View" column printed on December 31, 1965.
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