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In a brief letter a constituent calls on Senator Bayh to see participants of an Michigan teach-in and alleged fundraiser for the Viet Cong be tried for treason.

After thanking Senator Bayh for his interpretation of Johnson's policies in Vietnam, the Bloomington resident shares where their views depart. He cites both failure a to recognize the history of the 1954 policy and a flawed view of communist…

Writing from Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri, an Army Chaplain spouse relates the complex emotions her husband is encountering during his service in Vietnam. She shares details from his letters home with Senator Bayh.

A letter from Convicts Anonymous in Michigan City, Indiana, requesting Senator Bayh's assistance in setting up a blood drive to benefit U.S. troops in Vietnam. A response from a Bayh staffer, Steve Lesher, notes, "I found your letter extremely…

A press release from "CARE," announcing the 3,000-plus Indiana college and university students preparing for a state-wide campaign to raise funds for South Vietnamese school children. Called "Indiana Students who CARE," the group's honorary chairman…

A press release from the Muncie, Indiana Jaycees encouraging citizens to "flood American troops in the Asian area with morale-building letters showing all-out support from the home front."

A constituent requests that Senator Bayh investigate reports of faulty equipment in Vietnam. The resident of Indianapolis expressed his outrage, "Congress has passed a bill to take care of practically everyone including the artist so surely there's…

A memorandum prepared following a briefing sponsored by the Foreign Relations Committee for Senate legislative personnel by Bill Jordan, special assistant on Vietnam. Incorrectly identified as Mr. Burton, Mr. Jordan detailed current Vietnam policy,…

A memorandum to Senator Bayh briefing him on a meeting with Cyrus Eaton, who recently returned from a trip to the Soviet Union. His conclusions are summarized in the memo indicating the situation is very grave noting a high probability that the…

Constitutional Amendment Hearings group, standing: Senator Birch Bayh (D-IN); Al Reshar; Leo Fentres; Margie Conaway; Senator Robert Kennedy (D-MA); Mr. Conoway; Mrs. Cal Weber
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