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The American Committee on Immigration Policies pamphlet warned against repeal of the national origins quota, supported restriction and regulation of immigration to the United States, and urged constituents to contact their senators and…

Representative Harley O. Staggers used this document to compare the number of battle deaths in United States history to the number of motor vehicle accidents that had occurred in the past fifty years.

In the article titled "Packaging: Modified legislation near on consumer protection", The Christian Science Monitor reported that packaging legislation would likely be passed in the current legislative session and explained some of the newly proposed…

This conference report submitted by Representative Harley O. Staggers describes the changes made to the original piece of legislation during the House and Senate conference committee and includes signatures from the members of the conference.

This committee print of H.R. 15440, the "Fair Packaging and Labeling Act," includes annotations and notes that mark the differences between the bill and S. 985.

This set of documents includes a transcript of the testimony from Mr. Riepma, President of the National Association of Margarine Manufacturers, stating that his organization opposes the packaging law, and subsequent correspondence with Representative…

In this letter to Representative Harley O. Staggers, Senator Warren G. Magnuson explains why the Senate chose to separate the Tire Bill and Traffic Safety Bill and urges the House to adopt these as separate pieces of legislation.

This document is an early cosponsors list of all House and Senate members for the Bill to establish a National Traffic Safety Agency.

In a Dear Colleague letter, Representative Arch A. Moore (R-WV) provided a brief summary of the Immigration bill reported out by the House Committee on the Judiciary on August 3, 1965. He wrote that H.R. 2580 was completely rewritten by the…

President Lyndon B. Johnson writes to Representative Harley O. Staggers (D-WV) to congratulate him on the passage of the truth-in-packaging legislation and comments that the 89th Congress has earned "the right to be called the Consumer Congress".
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