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In the article titled "Packaging: Modified legislation near on consumer protection", The Christian Science Monitor reported that packaging legislation would likely be passed in the current legislative session and explained some of the newly proposed…

President Lyndon B. Johnson writes to Representative Harley O. Staggers (D-WV) to congratulate him on the passage of the truth-in-packaging legislation and comments that the 89th Congress has earned "the right to be called the Consumer Congress".

In this letter, Senator Warren G. Magnuson (D-WA) writes to Representative Harley O. Staggers (D-WV) about a revised version of the Senate's Fair Packaging Legislation and suggests that Staggers may want to introduce the bill in the House.

In this letter to Representative Harley O. Staggers, Senator Warren G. Magnuson explains why the Senate chose to separate the Tire Bill and Traffic Safety Bill and urges the House to adopt these as separate pieces of legislation.

In a Dear Colleague letter, Representative Arch A. Moore (R-WV) provided a brief summary of the Immigration bill reported out by the House Committee on the Judiciary on August 3, 1965. He wrote that H.R. 2580 was completely rewritten by the…

House Committee on the Judiciary staff informed Representative Arch A. Moore (R-WV) that Representative William M. McCulloch (R-OH) requested a memo outlining the House position on Senate amendments to H.R. 2580 for use in speaking to Senator Everett…

A Republican Congressional Committee Newsletter article applauded the passage of the Freedom of Information bill.

In a column in the Republican Congressional Committee Newsletter, Congressman Donald Rumsfeld (R-IL) wrote that the freedom of information bill was one of the most "critical" issues considered by Congress in 20 years.

The Republican Congressional Committee Newsletter dated August 30, 1965, featured a political cartoon and article describing Republican criticism of Great Society spending plans and President Lyndon Johnson's "lack of candor" about the military…

In this statement, Representative Harley O. Staggers presents H.R. 13228 and explains that it improves automobile safety standards with an emphasis on tire manufacturers.
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