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  • Collection: Carl Albert Congressional Research and Studies Center

TLS from constituent encourages Rep. Steed to vote for the Highway Beautification Act. Enclosed with the letter was a document the constituent received as part of a campaign by the National Advertising Company to undermine the legislation. TL from…

Signed Dear Colleague letter from members of the House Committee on Public Works encouraging members to vote for the Highway Beautification Act of 1965.

Official photographic portrait of Representative Carl Albert as the House Majority Leader in the 89th Congress.

Typescript of speech delivered by Carl Albert at Grinnell College in November of 1965. The speech includes detailed discussion of the political strategies employed by the Democratic Party to pass the Great Society legislation during the 89th…

Typescript of memorandum drafted by John E. Barriere on talking points for Albert's speech on Legislative Leadership and the Great Society agenda.

Letter by Carol Tucker Foreman, Director of Research and Publications for the DNC, with an enclosure outlining talking points for debates on the Great Society Legislation.

Official White-House photograph of President Johnson meeting with Congressional leaders in the cabinet during February 1965.

TLS from the President of the University of New Mexico Student Senate detailing a student resolution passed in favor of the Voter Registration Bill. TL response thanks the Student Senate President for the notification of the resolution and assures…

Telegram from the Presbytery of Hudson River of the United Presbyterian Church to Carl Albert deploring the situation in Selma and supporting the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

TLS from August P. LaFrance, Secretary of State with enclosure of H 1637 "Resolution Memorializing the Congress of the United States to Propose an Amendment to the Constitution of the United States Prohibiting Literacy Test, so-called, in the States,…
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