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  • Collection: Carl Albert Congressional Research and Studies Center

Official photographic portrait of Representative Carl Albert as the House Majority Leader in the 89th Congress.

Official White-House photograph of President Johnson meeting with Congressional leaders in the cabinet during February 1965.

Office notes from Representative Belcher's staff noting which members received his Dear Colleague letter about the Food for Peace Act.

Typescript of memorandum drafted by John E. Barriere on talking points for Albert's speech on Legislative Leadership and the Great Society agenda.

A list of the House Committee on Government Operations sponsor of H.R. 6654. A list of the Senate Committee on Government Operations sponsors of S. 1599.

A letter from Larry Jones of Oklahoma City expressing opposition to the Food for Peace program out of concern that it damaged the war effort in Vietnam. Includes Representative Belcher's response.

Signed letter from Vice President Hubert Humphrey thanking Carl Albert for his efforts in directing the passage of the Department of Housing and Urban Development Bill of 1965.

TLS from the United States Conference of Mayors encouraging House of Representatives members to vote for the establishment of the Department of Housing and Urban Development. An enclousure shows the resolution adopted by the 1965 Annual Conference of…

TLS from the Executive Secretary of the Norfolk Christian Leadership Conference commending Representative Ted Kennedy for his work in seeking to add a poll tax ban to the Voting Rights Act of 1965. The letter is also addressed to Representatives Carl…

Signed Dear Colleague letter dated 1965 September 30 from Speaker John W. McCormack, Majority Leader Carl Albert, and Majority Whip Hale Boggs in support of the Highway Beautification Act of 1965.
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