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TLS from constituent encourages Rep. Steed to vote for the Highway Beautification Act. Enclosed with the letter was a document the constituent received as part of a campaign by the National Advertising Company to undermine the legislation. TL from…

ALS describes constituent's situation in Selma, Alabama and asks for Albert's support and influence, TL from Albert reassures consitutent he is aware of conditions in Selma and that voting rights legislation will soon be passed.

ALS from constituent asks why states with discriminatory practices against other minority groups are not included in the voting rights legislation, TL from Albert notes the difficulty Congressional subcommittees are having drafting a voting rights…

ALS from constituent expresses disgust at violence in Selma and support for the passage for voting rights legislation, TL from Harris promises his support in the passage of the legislation.

TLS expresses constituent's belief that voting rights legislation is an extreme reaction and illegal, TL from Cohelan explains how the 15th Amendment supports voting rights legislation, TLS contains constituent response and an apology for some…

TLS expresses constituent's belief that billboards play a positive role for travelers, something that he felt the Highway Beautification Act would undermine. TL from Rep. Steed acknowledges these concerns and promises to seek practical solutions to…

TLS from constituent in Tulsa, Oklahoma, expressing opposition to the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and to the Civil Rights movement. TL from Carl Albert thanking the constituent for sharing his views.

ALS from constituent encourages Senator Harris to support voting rights legislation, TL from Harris assures constituent of his support for the legislation.

Clipping from the Daily Oklahoman of editorial in opposition to the Demonstration Cities and Metropolitan Development Act. The column urged Oklahoma voters to contact their representatives.

Demonstration Cities and Metropolitan Development Act
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