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Correspondence from Lawrence F. O'Brien, Special Assistant to the President, thanking Albert for his comments on policy in Vietnam to deter aggression from Hanoi. Enclosed is a copy of Albert's comments in the House of Representatives Congressional…

An invitation from officers of the Young Americans for Freedom to the staffs of the members of Congress extends an invitation to attend the "Light Up for Freedom" Rally. The invitation states that the rally's purpose is to demonstrate support of the…

A from constituent in Poteau, Oklahoma writes to Senator Mike Monroney and calls for the immediate end of the Vietnam War through whatever means necessary. A response from Representative Carl Albert thanks the constituent for sharing their views and…

A constituent in Heavener, Oklahoma writes to Carl Albert calling for the removal of US forces in Vietnam. In his response, Albert acknowledges this view and mentions that the Administration is anxious to hear Secretary McNamara's report on his visit…

Letter from constituent expressing concern by the alleged offers of food and blood to the Viet Cong by groups in the United States. Response from Carl Albert informs the constituent that he will forward the concerns to the Department of State…

Summary of remarks made during hearings before the House Subcommittee on Government Operations and the Committee of Government Operations of the Senate on the establishment of the Department of Urban Affairs and Housing.

Form letter written to U.S. Mayors to prevent the opposition of the creation of the Department of Urban Affairs and Housing.

Press release describing Carl Albert's appeal to 2,400 U.S. Mayors to prevent the defeat of President Kennedy's Reorganization Plan to create the Department of Housing and Urban Affairs.

Signed letter from Vice President Hubert Humphrey thanking Carl Albert for his efforts in directing the passage of the Department of Housing and Urban Development Bill of 1965.

Typescript of comments delivered by Carl Albert to House of Representatives in 1965. The speech includes discussion of the President's Message on the Cities and encourages the passage of the Housing and Urban Development Act during the 89th…
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