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  • Collection: Carl Albert Congressional Research and Studies Center

Official photographic portrait of Representative Carl Albert as the House Majority Leader in the 89th Congress.

Signed Dear Colleague letter from members of the House Committee on Public Works encouraging members to vote for the Highway Beautification Act of 1965.

TLS from constituent encourages Rep. Steed to vote for the Highway Beautification Act. Enclosed with the letter was a document the constituent received as part of a campaign by the National Advertising Company to undermine the legislation. TL from…

TLS expresses constituent's belief that billboards play a positive role for travelers, something that he felt the Highway Beautification Act would undermine. TL from Rep. Steed acknowledges these concerns and promises to seek practical solutions to…

A letter from Larry Jones of Oklahoma City expressing opposition to the Food for Peace program out of concern that it damaged the war effort in Vietnam. Includes Representative Belcher's response.

Office notes from Representative Belcher's staff noting which members received his Dear Colleague letter about the Food for Peace Act.

Carbon copy of statement given by Representative Jeffery Cohelan on the floor of the House asking for adjustments to the proposed National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Act to allow for penalties and inspections for automobile manufacturers.

ALS describes constituent concerns about the federal government's involvement in voting rights legislation and the danger of social rights movements, TL from Harris notes the complexity of the issues but explains his support for guaranteeing all…

ALS from constituent expresses disgust at violence in Selma and support for the passage for voting rights legislation, TL from Harris promises his support in the passage of the legislation.

ALS from constituent encourages Senator Harris to support voting rights legislation, TL from Harris assures constituent of his support for the legislation.
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