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  • Collection: Carl Albert Congressional Research and Studies Center

A letter from Larry Jones of Oklahoma City expressing opposition to the Food for Peace program out of concern that it damaged the war effort in Vietnam. Includes Representative Belcher's response.

Office notes from Representative Belcher's staff noting which members received his Dear Colleague letter about the Food for Peace Act.

A Dear Colleague letter from Page Belcher that uses a perceived insult in a letter from Secretary of Agriculture Orville Freeman to argue for an amendment to block North Vietnam and Cuba from benefitting from the proposed Food for Peace program.…

Clipping from the Daily Oklahoman of editorial in opposition to the Demonstration Cities and Metropolitan Development Act. The column urged Oklahoma voters to contact their representatives.

A letter to Speaker Carl Albert's office from a political science student at Oklahoma State University requesting data on constituent correspondence concerning a series of editorials in the Daily Oklahoman which urged Oklahoma voters to oppose the…

Demonstration Cities and Metropolitan Development Act

A letter to Representative Gallagher from New Jersey Secretary of Agriculture expressing concern about certain provisions of the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act that may preempt state authority, especially concerning weights and measures. Includes…

Draft form letter from the Gallagher office with handwritten annotations concerning correspondence about the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act.

Carbon copy of statement given by Representative Jeffery Cohelan on the floor of the House asking for adjustments to the proposed National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Act to allow for penalties and inspections for automobile manufacturers.

Handwritten exchange between Speaker Carl Albert and Oklahoma State Representative Howard Williams discussing an amendment to the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Act to provide an exemption from automobile safety standards to protect small…
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