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Congressmen Poage and Dole are welcomed at New Delhi Airport by Ambassador Chester Bowles. Left to right: Congressman Robert J. Dole, Mr. James Boulware, Agriculture Attache, Congressman William R. Poage, Mrs. Bowles, Abassador Bowles.

A group of South Indian children who turned out in large numbers to greet the U. S. Congressional Delegation in Tanjore District, Madras State.

Distinguished visitors in South India are traditionally greeted with these enormous horns.

Congressman William R. Poage at Buddha-Gaya Temple in Bihar State.

Members of the Congressional Delegation participated in an exhaustive briefing on conditions in the drought affected areas of Bihar. The briefing was presided over by the Prime Minister's Emergency Relief Coordinator, Mr. J. P. Narayan.

Congressman William R. Poage presents a Kennedy half-dollar to a Hindu holy man in a village in Tanjore District, Madras State.

Members of the Delegation and their staffs along with Mr. James Boulware (fifth from left) at Tiruchi airport just after being garlanded by local farmers and officials who came to welcome them.

Congressmen William R. Poage of Texas (with hat) and Robert J. Dole of Kansas (dark suit center) watch the unloading of American food grain in Madras harbor December 19. The three-man U. S. Congressional Delegation led by Congressman Poage visited…

Graph representing the projected number of malnourished children in free world developing countries from 1966-1975; page 19 of the February 10, 1966 Food for Freedom booklet

USDA Press Release; Text: "USDA Announces Amendment to Food for Peace Agreement with India: The U. S. Department of Agriculture today announced further amendment to the Sept. 30, 1964, Food for Peace agreement between the United States and India…
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