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The phrase "Food for Freedom" translated into Hindi (Swadhinta hit Khadyann), Urdu (Khurak bra-i-azadi), Portuguese (Alimentos para liberdade), and Arabic (El-ghidda' - li'ajil - el'hurriyah); Information collected by Secretary of State Dean Rusk for…

USDA Press Release; Text: "USDA Announces Amendment to Food for Peace Agreement with India: The U. S. Department of Agriculture today announced further amendment to the Sept. 30, 1964, Food for Peace agreement between the United States and India…

United States Information Service Press Release about the U.S. congressional delegation arriving in India; includes brief bios of the members of the delegation as well as a general description of the agenda

Graph representing the projected number of malnourished children in free world developing countries from 1966-1975; page 19 of the February 10, 1966 Food for Freedom booklet

Newspaper article and political cartoon from The San Diego Union; Article is titled "U.S. Stockpile Dangerously Low, Wheat Weighs in Diplomacy"; Cartoon is titled "A Fire Has Been Brought to My Attention"

Pie chart showing U.S. Contribution to Indian Development in millions of Dollars; Sections include: Food for Peace, Development Financing, Technical Cooperation, and Malaria Control & Eradication; Taken from W. R. Poage's binder of information on the…

Report comparing three major voting rights bills pending before the House of Representatives during the 89th Congress; The three bills compared are HR 7896: The Republican Bill by Mr. Ford and Mr. McCulloch, HR 6400: The Committee-Celler Bill by Mr.…

Edited speech by Rep. John Dowdy on voting rights printed on the back of Dowdy stationary

Map of India showing economic activity; Taken from W. R. Poage's binder of information on the food relief program in India

"Emergency Food for Inida Hearing Before the Committee on Agriculture, House of Representatives, 89th Congress, Second Session, on House Joint Resolution 997"
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