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The collecting policy of the Library is to document broadly the history of Delaware and Delawareans, including primary sources related to the history of politics and government. The Library collects papers of current and former members of Congress; Delaware individuals who represent leadership in diplomatic or political arenas, domestic or foreign, at the local, state, and national levels; and papers of institutions, organizations, or groups concerned with public policy or civic affairs.

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Senator Williams was often quoted as saying that he believed in giving every citizen the right to vote regardless of race; however, he was against the federal government interfering with state and local elections.

People all over the United States wrote to Senator Williams voicing their opinions on the pending Voting Rights legislation. Many, such as this group of concerned constituents from Grace Church in Wilmington, Delaware, urged the senator to vote for…

As the events of the Selma to Montgomery marches were unfolding, concerned constituents wrote to Senator Williams urging him to vote for passage of the Voting Rights bill and to end the violent actions occurring in Alabama.

The images of attacks on civil rights marchers in Selma, Alabama, roused the American public. Many constituents wrote to Senator Williams expressing their concerns over the attacks and urged him and other Members of Congress to stop the police…

Senator Williams's "Clean Elections" amendment to the Voting Rights Act sought to criminalize fraudulent voting behavior such as vote buying and falsifying voter or registration information. In 1961, the Women's Division of the Republican National…