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The Indiana University Modern Political Papers Collection consists of the congressional papers of senators and members of the House of Representatives from Indiana and of prominent Indiana state legislators serving from post-World War II to the present.

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Eisenhower letter of March 2, 1964<br /><br />
The insights of former President Eisenhower, which advised replacing the Speaker of the House in the chain of succession with a sequence of Cabinet members, were sought and incorporated. Knowing that the House, despite having 22 proposals related to…

Letter from Sen. Ken Keating to Sen. Birch Bayh<br /><br />
A key barrier was Senator Ken Keating of New York, who had favored an enabling amendment rather than one specifying procedures in the event of Presidential disability. On March 26 he sent Bayh a letter with a detailed analysis of S. J. Res. 139,…

Press release with Senators Dodd, Keeting, and Fong<br /><br />
The agreement was proudly announced to the press.

S. J. Res. 139 as reported<br /><br />
The revised S. J. Res. 139 that was reported by the Subcommittee on Constitutional Amendments to the Judiciary Committee on May 27, 1964 and then on August 13 by the Judiciary Committee to the full Senate with unanimous support had stripped out that…

H. J. Res. 1<br /><br />
The chair of the House Judiciary Committee, Emmanuel Celler (D-NY), had come on board to support S. J. Res. 139 in late May 1964. Since the 65 senators present for the vote had approved the amendment and another 20 had indicated support, the task in…

S. J. Res. 1 - Jan 6 1965 <br /><br />
Identical bills were introduced in the House and Senate in the first week of January by Emmanuel Celler (D-NY) and Birch Bayh (D-IN) respectively.

American Bar Association analysis of S. J. Res. 1/H. J. Res. 1 <br /><br />
Identical bills were introduced in the House and Senate in the first week of January by Emanuel Celler (D-NY) and Birch Bayh (D-IN) respectively and a supporting analysis issued by the American Bar Association as part of its effort to mobilize public…

White House Statement - Jan 28 1965<br /><br />
Bayh and his staff had managed to line up 72 cosponsors and they reached out to the White House, resulting in a mention of succession legislation in the State of the Union speech. On Jan 28 the White House sent a full-fledged endorsement of S. J.…

Bayh notes <br /><br />
But differences within the Senate quickly surfaced. Senator Keating had been defeated in the November election, but his objections were taken up by Roman Hruska, a new member of the subcommittee, during the January 29 hearings. Bayh’s notes…

Dirksen opinion<br /><br />
It had become clear that Everett Dirksen, who in the previous Congress had been absorbed in the battles over the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and so had seen fit to let S. J. Res. 139 move unimpeded toward Senate passage, was now focused on its…
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